Split Bamboo Rods by Jim Hidy

Exquisite Tools & Precise Manipulation

"Fly fishing calls for the most precise and fastidious manipulation of exquisitely fashioned tools. A three or four ounce split bamboo rod, with a well balanced reel, a tapered casting line, a leader of the proper fineness, and a well tied fly, or flies, is one of the most perfectly designed and executed triumphs of human artisanship. A violin is but little better …




"…It delights both the eye and the tactile sense, for not every rod which is beautifully made has the crowning virtue of the right feel .


"For you, with your quite individual bodily and mental habits, your slowly acquired art as a fisherman, must now use this fragile combination of wood and steel and silk and gut and feathers under the most subtly variable conditions of light, wind and water."

Pools and Ripples

Bliss Perry




Split Bamboo Rods by Jim Hidy

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